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Naturally Synthetic

Nature's precious molecules made using innovative chemistry.
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Who we are

Naturally Synthetic Inc.  (NatSyn) is a Canadian research company spun-out of McMaster University in 2021. 

NatSyn was created with the aim of realizing the full potential of a new synthetic chemistry technology discovered serendipitously by scientists in the Magolan Laboratory which is a medicinal chemistry research program in the the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University.


What we do

NatSyn has partnered with Peregrine Precision Systems and McMaster to further refine our proprietary chemistry processes and use them for the cost-efficient manufacture of a wide range of rare natural molecules known to be found in a various plants.  These molecules include many flavanoids, stillbenes, bibenzyls, chalcones, and other types of rare natural products including many non-psychoactive minor cannabinoids.


Why we do it

Many of the rare plant-derived molecules that we can make have been evaluated in pre-clinical studies and shown to have the potential to be developed into medicines.  By synthesizing these molecules, we can make them available in large quantity and high purity, in most cases for the first time ever.  This opens the door to their clinical testing and potential approval as medicines or nutraceuticals to improve human health and wellbeing.

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